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Response to Systemic Racism

Madison, WI
June 19, 2020

We at Solace Friends, Inc., are writing to express our solidarity with Black communities and all those who are outraged by and grieving over the personal, interpersonal, systemic, and cultural racism that runs rampant our country.

As our local Madison community continues to mourn the May 2015 death of Tony Robinson, Jr., the more recent violent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor mandate that we must address, head-on, the unconscionable abuse of power over others that continues to go unchecked in our society. The time is now to end this injustice through meaningful reform in our country’s institutions and structures.

Solace Friends is based on the premise that every human being has the right to die in a dignified manner, surrounded by compassion, respect, love, and grace. As an organization whose purpose is to reduce suffering at the end of life, Solace Friends supports physical, comfort, emotional and spiritual wholeness for all persons, regardless of their race, creed or faith, ethnicity, gender, class, education, age, sexual/affectional orientation, physical ability, language, political affiliation, economic position, immigrant/citizenship status, military experience, and legal standing.

We are committed to eliminating destructive disparities in our society that are due to the many covert and overt discriminatory practices that disproportionately affect those who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color—e.g. economic hardship, housing insecurity, and inequities in the health care and death care systems, etc., that lead to increased morbidity and mortality in these populations.

We recognize that intrinsic bias and systemic racism is tightly woven into the fabric of our culture. Solace Friends will continue to work together interpersonally and collaboratively with other organizations, to unravel this hurtful pattern and to enact transformational change that nurtures cultural competence, humility, inclusivity, diversity, and equal rights for all.

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